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5 April 2019: APSS open for applications April 2019

The Agro-Processing Support Scheme ("APSS") was opened again on 1 April. Read more...

Level 4 BEE Certified 100% Recognition  

Dectra is rated once per year and provides a copy of our credentials on request.

ICA - Icentive Consultants Association Member  

The ICA is a voluntary association which aims to ensure good ethical and quality services in our industry and assists in liaising with the Department of Trade and Industry on behalf of all its members. Dectra has been a member since inception of the association in 2005.

ISO 9001


Trusting us with large cash grant and subsidy claims, our clients need to be assured that our skills and procedures are of the highest standards. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system provides that assurance.