28 May 2010: DTI's new incentive program for the textiles industry

The Production Incentive Program (PI) was recently launched and will be available until 31 March 2015. The program is administered by the IDC and aims to assist the clothing, textiles and footwear industries to improve their competitive position by upgrading their production efficiency levels. Although not part of the Clothing and Textiles Competitiveness Improvement Program (CTCIP), it does align with that program and can be utilised in conjunction with it. Dectra offers an evaluation service (based on the rules of the programme), with findings presented through a letter of opinion and advice.


3 July 2017: Dear EMIA client

We have just been informed by the DTI that they have improved their EMIA offering.

Level 4 BEE Certified 100% Recognition  

Dectra is rated once per year and provides a copy of our credentials on request.

ICA - Icentive Consultants Association Member  

The ICA is a voluntary association that aims to ensure good ethical and quality services in our industry and assist in liaising with the Department of Trade and Industry on behalf of all specialists in our field. Dectra has been a member since inception of the association in 2005.


SABS - ISO 9001  

Trusting us with large cash grant and subsidy claims, our clients need to be assured that our skills and procedures are of the highest standards. The ISO 9001 quality management system provides that assurance and we are proud to be certified as compliant with it.