DTI on a roll

What goes up must come down, they say; to which I could add, everything that's down, sometimes goes up..!

Enterprise Investment Program (EIP)

This program is in its third year and in full swing. DTI's computerised applications processing module works fine and their staff are flying through the applications. Our experience currently is that the results of applications are available in less than 3 months. Considering that they established a benchmark of around 2 years in the previous SMEDP program, this is lightning fast.

Claims are also being processed at reasonable speed, but it is still not close to fast. We now advise clients to expect a turnaround time of 6 months. However, computerising of the claims module is in process and we hope it will be implemented soon.

This very popular program subsidises investment in new or expanding manufacturing- and tourism projects. Packhouses are included and nowadays even vegetable packaging is subsidised.

Black Business Supplier Development Program (BBSDP)

This program is finally up and running. No claims have been paid, as far as we are aware, but the DTI has already approved some applications.

Applications are probably flying in, as accredited network facilitators have an excellent incentive to market the program: they are paid for their services by the DTI.

The program offers a grant to any form of commercial business with more than 50% shareholding in respect of expenses that would improve their effectiveness and competitive position. This includes the acquisition of equipment and the employing of professional services.

Section 12 I tax allowance: Industrial Policy Projects

This program is also finally up and running and applications are being processed continuously. The latest estimate we have is that the turn-around time will settle at about two months.

This is for the big guns who embark on new or expansion programs in manufacturing. The main requirement is the saving of energy.

How much do you know about these programs? Dectra are the experts. Give us a call and find out exactly who stands to benefit and how it works.

Theo Meintjes
Managing Director: Dectra


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