Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA)

3 July 2017

Dear EMIA client

We have just been informed by the DTI that they have improved their EMIA offering.

  • Applicants will now again have 4 opportunities per year to apply for Private Exhibition grants and Primary Market Research grants. Any combination of these two may be utilised, to a total of 4.
  • In addition, applicants may apply for up to 4 National Pavilion grants and 2 Group trade Mission grants every year.
  • A full audit report for all companies is no longer required. The DTI will accept the reports prescribed by the Companies Act 2008, and your auditor should provide a letter confirming that the report included in your annual financial statements is in line with the companies act.

What a relief!

Thank you for your support in the past, and we stand ready to be of service again. Please contact our specialist consultant, Malinda Hugo, to discuss your plans for the next 12 months. Malinda will do a full evaluation and send you a letter of advice and opinion.

Remember, the turnaround time for applications is at the moment around two months. So if your trip is dependent on the EMIA grant, an early start can save you a lot of anxiety and frustration.

Yours sincerely
Theo Meintjes
Petrus le Roux


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