The Production Incentive Program is now open for applications.

6 June 2017

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Associates

This program is available to producers of clothing, textiles and leather goods, and includes CMT operators and fashion houses.

The program offers a very attractive incentive that covers as much as 100% of your purchases of new equipment, as well as other production related investment. Even expenditure incurred as far back as April 2016 can still be claimed.

Every qualifying applicant can claim as much as 100% of the cost of new assets, to an overall maximum of 7,5% of Manufacturing value added during the previous financial year (a figure derived from your audited accounts).

Basic requirements

Do not delay! Even though the closing date is only at 31 January 2018, the application calls for numerous pieces of information that can take months to finalise. Moreover, if you are quick, you might be able to use last year�s financial statements.

May we suggest you let Dectra handle the process for you? Dectra is well versed in facilitating PI applications and claims and our thorough assessment procedure and contingency based fee structure will ensure you don�t go on a wild goose chase. We'll start by evaluation your situation against the rules of the program, and will provide our findings and opinion, as well as the available amount, in a formal letter of advice. Should we be of the opinion that you do qualify, we would quote to handle the process for you, and we'll get cracking as soon as you confirm our appointment.

  • The new rules now require that applicants must have a valid BEE certificate (at any level).
  • Applicants' financial statements must include an independent audit report, i.e. a compilation report or independent review report is not good enough even though the companies act might allow. Note that you may claim back the additional auditing cost if you have room left in your approved amount.
  • You may use last year's financial statements if they are not older than 15 months.
  • Applicant must be a member of a Bargaining Council.

Contact any of the following:
Petrus le Roux �
Reino de Vaal �

Yours sincerely
Theo Meintjes


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