Dectra Newsletter - January 2018

11 January 2018

Dectra is now a licensee of The Interface Financial Group ("IFG").

This means we can provide working capital on short notice and easy terms.

Here is how we do it.

  • IFG buys your already issued invoice(s) at a discount. We do not purchase your whole debtors book, only those invoices you select. You are free to make use of this facility as and when the need arises.
  • The decision to approve or decline rests with us and we aim to give you an answer within just a few days. However, you must provide all the information we require, or we cannot proceed.
  • No registration of securities is required, only personal sureties of key persons and a buy-back guarantee, should your customer not settle the invoice in due course.

So, if you need working capital in a hurry to overcome cash shortfalls caused by increasing demand, large orders or a spike in expenditure, contact us and we will respond ASAP.

Call our office at 021-9397496 and ask to speak to Theo, Petrus or Reino, or send a mail to


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Level 4 BEE Certified 100% Recognition  

Dectra is rated once per year and provides a copy of our credentials on request.

ICA - Icentive Consultants Association Member  

The ICA is a voluntary association which aims to ensure good ethical and quality services in our industry and assists in liaising with the Department of Trade and Industry on behalf of all its members. Dectra has been a member since inception of the association in 2005.

ISO 9001


Trusting us with large cash grant and subsidy claims, our clients need to be assured that our skills and procedures are of the highest standards. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system provides that assurance.