We have good news about the aquaculture cash grant program

5 July 2018

Dear Client

We have good news about the aquaculture cash grant program: it will now remain open for new applications until 31 December 2018.

The program, named Aquaculture Development & Enhancement Program or ADEP for short, offers a grant of as much as 45% of the cost of qualifying assets. Qualifying assets include Production Equipment, Vehicles and Boats, Bulk Infrastructure, Land & Buildings, as well as Raw Materials. Other expenses such as environmental impact studies and competitiveness improvement drives can also be included.

ADEP requires a BEE certificate at Level 6 only.

This program has been around for quite a few years. It was scheduled to close on 31 March 2018. The fact that it has been extended probably means that the budget is not completely spent yet.

The DTI will probably now evaluate the success of the program and then decide whether to relaunch it. Usually a relaunch would include some fine tuning of the rules. My guess would be that in the case of a relaunch of ADEP, they would increase the BEE scorecard requirement and reduce the grant percentage.

In the past grant programs were, as a general rule, open for a period of six years. Nowadays, we see programs announced for periods of 12 months or shorter. The reason: most probably the government's budget constraints.

Talk to us if you are interested to start an aquaculture or aquaponics project or if you plan to expand your existing projector or if you plan a project providing ancillary services to the industry. We are able to guide and assist you to take full advantage of this generous cash grant. Our expertise and professional service can be regarded as an assurance against accidental disqualification due to lack of knowledge or lack of process and capacity.

Our success record with ADEP stands at 100%.

Email me or phone our office number, 021 939 7496 and speak to our expert.

Best regards
Theo Meintjes


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