Dectra buys out Gauteng based competitor.

It is with great excitement that we announce our recent acquisition of the business of Versatex-Invesco in Pretoria. As from 15 January 2012, we own all their client contracts and the trading name Versatex-Invesco.

Although based in Pretoria, Versatex-Invesco 's main markets are the agricultural businesses and farmers in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North-West Province. Their main product for these markets is the Department of Trade and Industry's MIP grant, which offers a grant to entities investing in new packhouses and factories, and to those investing in the expansion of existing ones.

Whilst we plan to make our presence felt in the traditional Versatex-Invesco market areas, we will be doing the processing and administration of grants from our head office in Cape Town. It is our policy to centralise our processing and administration activities. This helps to apply proper quality control and helps prevent the duplication of procedures, systems, staff and overhead cost.

To ensure we have a presence in other regions, we make use of associates and agents. Of course we also travel to meet with our clients in the regions and to support our associates and agents.

We do have a strong presence in the Western Cape, but are well known in other areas also. We have clients in the Augrabies/Upington area, where we serve mainly agricultural businesses and farmers with packhouses; in the Bloemfontein/Kimberly area where we have mainly tourism clients; and in Gauteng and KZN where we have mainly industrial clients.

Our business is government financial support programs. That's what we are good at and that is what we aim to stick to. There is a long list of grant programs available from the DTI. Have a look at the list on our website under the "financial assistance" tab. In addition, DTI offers finance through the IDC and we do assist our clients with that as well.

Clients in the Versatex-Invesco market areas are welcome to contact us on the existing Versatex-Invesco telephone number in Pretoria: 082 937 4298 /, or on the Dectra numbers in Cape Town.

Theo Meintjes
Managing Director



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