Before our clients invest in new or expansion projects, they need to know whether their projects stand a reasonable chance of receiving the support offered by Government incentive programmes. If so, how should the project be structured to qualify and what are the timelines and constraints set by the rules of the program? These grants can often only be claimed once the investment is made and certain performance criteria have been met. Furthermore, applications for development finance require bulky application forms and detailed business plans that are time consuming to compile. It is advisable to consult specialists such as Dectra to obtain advice, assistance and guidance throughout the process.

Contact us for a brief discussion free of charge to confirm that your project matches the requirements of a suitable support program.

Once appointed, a Dectra specialist meets with you to evaluate your project in more depth. Our findings and conclusions, including advice on how to structure for success, are confirmed in writing.

We then begin the second stage which involves planning timelines, assigning responsibilities and collating the information required to complete the application documents, culminating in the submission of a complete application.

The last stage of our engagement - successfully claiming the support for our client - is dependent on the client's compliance with the performance requirements stipulated in the approval letter of the relevant authority. Dectra stays in touch to ensure this. Our task is only completed once our client has received the support, be it finance, grant or tax relief.

It is often possible to measure the success of our service in monetary terms. This enables the use of success-based tariff structures in most cases.


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